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About Us 

The Story Behind The Mall

The Vision of an interactive mall has been with me for over a decade. My name is Rick Moghadam, I founded this virtual reality mall for many reasons, there are two that stand out. The first reason, I host a show called The Funded Project, where we spotlight businesses and do whatever it takes to bring them more business! I have owned a lot of businesses over the past 23 years, some did well and I flipped them and make money, one of them buried me and took years away from me. Over the past four years, I have worked tirelessly to help every business I worked within the merchant cash advance industry to grow. 

Then Something Happened

One of the fans on my show said "Rick, I need you to show us because I hear what you are saying, but I need to see it, I am a visual learner" It hit me, that moment when it felt like God told me to build this because merchants need a safe platform to sell on. There was more to that, the fan of my show is right.

I have to teach them, I have to...

When God speaks, I listen. I am to show the fan who made that comment and the thousands upon thousands that wanted to ask the same question. Every Tuesday from the grand opening on forward I will be releasing episodes. This mall, it is going to be the tool I use to show them what they need to see so they can move forward with their dreams. 

This one is not about me, its about you

No half-ass ball game here, I wanted to meet a need in the marketplace as I see it. Small and Medium-sized businesses need a platform that works, the shoppers that come to the platform want an alternative, everyone is over the same two platforms, I do not need to name them. I decided to build a platform for them that is BETTER than the other two shopping platforms we know everyone has used.

We Built The Metroplex Marketplace

The other reason is as heavy, I have to build something to leave behind for my children, I am not going anywhere, don't freak out, I am healthy and as honorary, as you see on the TV show, but I am a math guy, numbers don't lie, I won't live forever. 

Why Metroplex Marketplace

Outside of the cool Virtual reality shopping experience, the gyroscope shopping experience, and the massive size of this page, there is a bigger picture, every business I found and set up in this mall is a small or medium-sized business. I added the DoorDash and entertainment to attract the consumer to the platform, hopeful they will take the time to tour a store or two while they are here because every one of these businesses in this mall is great people, great companies, and great products and services, the problem we solve for them in this mall is "putting them on even grounds to compete for your business". For them, they work with the mall on an affiliate sales payout that is based on the sales they make in the mall, substantially cheaper than every other marketplace they can work with, making sure they have access to every tool and resource they need to grow their businesses. The mall will not spam mail people, we chose the higher road and will attract people to come to visit with having a great selection of merchants, interactive experiences, a social platform for them to communicate, and an overall fun experience shopping, something we all have to do at one point or another. We make it easy for them to find merchants, see the reviews of other shoppers on the platform, share deals they find with their friends list, and will kick out any vendor that does them wrong, so it's safe for the shopper, and the merchant. Shoppers find better deals, merchants find new customers, and developers will keep building levels to the mall as we continue to grow after the October 26, 2021 grand opening,  

Thank You For Shopping With Us

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